Sunday, October 24, 2010

Porta Portese...

Currently listening to this wonderful gem above in my studio.
Woke up early and headed over to Porta Portese this morning with Dan to go to the flea market that's held there every Sunday. It is pretty much a magical place where you can hagle and barter and just get lost in a labyrinth of Italians and knick-knacks.
I spotted Dinah pretty much completely by accident, but she was on the very top of the cd pile and I knew it was fate... 3 Euros later it was official.
Italian comics might become my next obsession.
Each Dylan Dog book cost me a euro, but the graphics in it are sooo cool. Definitely giving me some new inspirational ideas as far as compositions go.
And I found this lovely little leather bound book of Italian poetry on top of this equally amazing old-school explorer's map of the world written in Italian. I love this market... I hope that when my friends come to visit from London we can take them there because I'm pretty sure they will pass out from excitement.
p.s.- thanks to Dan and her awesome hair cutting capabilities.

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