Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Woodn't You Know It"

So Saturday night I spent 12 hours in the printmaking studio working on my woodcut... 12 consecutive hours. Here are some sneak peaks. Better pictures later.
It was actually pretty sweet. Around 8pm the last person left, so I had the etching studio all to myself.
Today we had a work in progress crit on both the woodcut and our aquatints.
Let me first start off by saying... aquatints are mad hard.
But I think I may know how to do them now. Emphasis on may.
And this beautiful weather seems to be putting everyone in a good mood. I even got a few compliments out of Dan. So that was just icing on the cake.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Lost Shaker of Salt....

I can't believe I kept these pictures and videos on my camera!
I thought I had lost them when my computer crashed! Here's some line dancing from winter break where Cait, Beth, Lyndsay, and I learned how (or rather attempted) to polka.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Say Whatttttt?!!!

So I've got some pretty exciting news. And it's going to affect you in the near future dear blog. It turns out that I'll be in Italy come August 30th, studying at Temple's Rome campus next semester. I can hardly contain my excitement. This is unreal.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saw Dust Shmaw Dust...

Just got home from the studio. Had to piece my rocket ship back together for the crit tomorrow. The idea is to fill the empty space with glue-soaked saw dust. Let it dry. Sand it. And then paint it in order to fix the vessel. And after I did that, I worked on some handles for my mugs.

Spring Break Recap #2...

Recap #2!!!
Trip to Pittsburgh with Sarah and Aaron!
(sorry I slept some of it Sar.)
1st stop: Permanti Brothers!
Pastrami: Soooo delicious.
Sarah and Arron both got "The Pittsburgher"
2nd Stop: Copeland Concert!!!!
so so so so good!
3rd Stop: South Side. To visit with Ty-Jack, Derek, Neil, Sam, and Carrie.
South Side reminds me a lot of South Street in Philly.
Bookstore we said Liz Til will one day own.
4th Stop: I explored the city and drew a little while Tyler was at work.
This city has such a beautiful skyline.
5th Stop: Photo Shoot walk with Marcus and Tyler!
Seriously, the buildings were prettier than Philly's.
Tyler's photo on exhibit.
I'm so proud of him that I made him pose in front of it.
6th Stop: Lunch and people-watching.
Why did I think Einstein Bagels was just in the SAC at Temple?
(p.s.- This one was sooo much nicer than the one in the SAC.)
7th Stop: Back to Harrisburg, where I was on dog-sitting duty.
Mom and Dad saved me some salmon
(my third time having it in the week, I LOVE salmon)
and I learned how to cook it on the grill.

Spring Break Recap #1...

Spring Break Recap!!!
I was so happy for this break.
Sometimes I get in a funk and need a change of scenery to get me back on page.
And the lovely 717 proved to be an excellent choice.
Sunday I helped my mom sort files in the office.
And then we went out for lunch.
Shrimp Scampi.
Laur and I took Trey into the city
and we walked along Front Street and the river.
I missed cooking.
Rice and Beef Stirfry.
Laur treated me to Qdoba.
And then got me into see Tim Burton's "Alice and Wonderland"
(She's the best.)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Almost as much as I love this girl!
Seriously... she is by far one of the best conversationalists I know.
She gets me.
Monday's Burrito of the day is "We Salute You Cilantro"
And it just so happens to be my favorite of the neato variety.
After lunch, Dax and I headed over to Dauphin to meet up
with the always lovely Ally Coy.
And as mentioned, it was lovely.
We drove over Peter's Mountain for ice cream and got lost in the country.
I love spontaneous trips.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Before Break...

Had lunch with Liz and Corrie. And Don.
Awkwardness ensued.
Then Liz and I ran into J. Carr outside Club Tech.
Heated debates were had.
Then I made my way over to Tyler.
Where I ran into Sarah Dixon and Brielle.
They were both ready for break...
Then I headed into the printmaking studio
to pull some proofs of my woodcut.
They were out of black so I used this kinda nasty blue.
Which in retrospect I probably shouldn't have used because it was
really dray and sticky. And was sooooooooo hard to clean up.
(As far as the prints go... it was my first attempt at a woodcut.
I'm not 100% happy with it, but i LOVE this type of printing process.)
Then I threw some vessels in the ceramics studio.
I think if nothing else comes out of this class,
I am beyond happy that I have learned how to throw pottery.
It's something I find really relaxing and until I tried it,
really had no previous desire to attempt it.
Then after dinner with Dee, Corrie, Alex, and Josh
I headed over to the library to do some research...
I swear Miss Gibson was a librarian in her past life.
I have never seen anyone find books as fast as she can.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Break...

Goodbye Philadelphia!
Hello 717!!!
(Well at lest for a week)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've been pulling a lot more all nighters this semester.
And while I forgot to take pictures of the school-wide student show that just came down, a few things are still up greeting visitors.
Like giant 14 armed two story printing robots...
Covered in glitter.
Outhouse water fountains.
This is probably one of the most underrated projects on display... mostly because everyone walks on it. But the artist used a cylindrical tool dipped in ink to create this really ornate repetitive pattern the entire length of the hallway...
I actually really love it.
Clear waterfalls...
And I even got to catch up with the lovely and very talented Sarah Dixon.
Where she showed me some work that she's currently working on and I got to pose for some pictures.