Monday, August 30, 2010

Ciao Bella...

I leave for Italy in one hour.
I don't even think I can describe how I'm feeling right now...
But I'm going to miss my friends and family soooo soooo much.
See you in Rome!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I can't believe the day is here.
Today is the day we pack the car till it can't be packed anymore.
And drive the 4 long hours of PA Turnpike that we've driven so many times in the past.
But this time's different.
Because Laur's starting college.
And my little sister isn't so little anymore.
I'm so incredibly proud of you baby girl.
And I know you are going to have an amazing time.
And I still reserve the right to call you MooMoo.
Or buy you mcflurries.
Or brag about you to all my friends.
And you can bet we'll have more days filled with
Stuffed animal fights
Trips to Shipoke
Midtown Scholar
Lake Tobias
Late night sequence games
and walks with Trey.
And don't forget, Mike and I are just a click away.
Love you little Lauren.

Alley Shark...

Takin' a stroll down memory lane...
This is a 1 minute silent short film that I completed senior year of high school at CASA. It also happens to be the only actual video I shot over my year at CASA, the rest being hand done animations. In this piece I got to actually utilize the entire PM theatre class, which was pretty exciting. It's pretty surreal being in charge of directing 15-20 people at a time.
Among the talented cast are:
Jelly Fish: Alexandra Peter
Shark: Steve Sudia
Scuba Diver: Zack Moser
Fish: Alison Weisburg, Caitlin Weigel, Kevin Whitmire, and the rest of the film and thetre classes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


So here's a quick little video of some of the wonderful things and people I've come in contact with over the past few months. Hopefully I'll remember to take some more video now that I can edit it.

Alumni Show...

Capital Area School For The Arts.
Harrisburg Gallery Walk.
So Brielle and I attended the CASA visual art alumni reunion a few days ago. Even though I wasn't in visual art, Kagle still let me put a few pieces in the show.
I ended up putting a whole bunch of etchings from this past semester.
I got to catch up with all the teachers (except Smith), some of my former classmates, Mrs. Hoopes (who I LOVE!), and Anne Alsedek said she wants to possibly buy a print or two!
It's pretty exciting to have stuff hanging up. While it hasn't happened a lot to me, I always feel pretty honored when I do. And they will all be hanging up until December, not to mention that there were some other really great pieces hanging too.
I'm a little disappointed with how this one turned out in the picture.
It is sooo much better in person.
And I really enjoy Brielle's painting of Sean too!
I really miss CASA. I always get a good vibe whenever I walk in there.
Everyone's always smiling, giving hugs, and happy to see you.
We need more of that other places.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quite Quotable...

Gotta love late night hangouts with the siblings...
Writing our favorite quotes on the chalkboard wall and just laughing...
Good times.
(p.s.- I know I've been slacking on the logging department... I'll try and get better! Rome in 19 days...)

[Also check out this Blog... it's where I got the idea for the rat-crow. He's pretty sweet.]