Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bookin It!

My MACbook came yesterday!
It is beautiful, and wonderful, and so nice to have a computer again.
Hopefully now I'll be able to post more steadily.
Now off to sleep for a few hours...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michael Patrick.

Seems like yesterday mom was having me call you in for dinner. You of course are outside shooting 3's in the dead of winter, snow all around. Wearing your heavy coat.
Seems like yesterday I thought I was going to die of exhaustion due to you chasing me all around the car after I peed on your leg when I was 6.
Or the bloody murder screams from when I slammed your finger in the dresser when I was 4.
Or the time you sneezed cereal on me at breakfast.
From across the table.
I remember going to your CYO games and eating HNJ fries almost every time.
Or when you shot your thousandth point and they put your name on the banner.
I remember getting to school late every single day of freshman year because you drove.
Or how you, dad, and I went golfing when we were younger.
I remember when you lost Rocky in the woodpile...
and he lost his tail.
Or how Mr. Thom yanked that box turtle off your chest.
Your bunny shorts will forever be immortalized.
Not to mention the numerous Mcflurry, Frosty, BigMac, and Arby's runs we've made.
I remember when you left for school.
And when you graduated.
Part of me wants to go back to the simpler times.
Back to 949 Penna Avenue where we could play countless games of cops and robbers, capture the flag, and whiffle ball.
And then there's the other part of me...
the part that says here we are:
Grad School.
My 2nd year of college.
And Laur's last year of high school.
And I can't help but think about all the times we laughed.
And how you were responsible for 95% of that laughter.
And it makes me less nervous about the next 23 years.
Because regardless of what happens...
Laur and I will always have you there.
To make us pee with laughter.
And play midnight games of Sequence.
Happy Birthday Mike.

Because You.... (#9)

Because you are from New Hampshire,
where you "Live free or die trying."
You are wicked funny. Most of the time without even trying to be. You introduced me to New England. I love how driven you are to become a writer... and how I brag to all my friends that you write for an actual magazine. And how you always dress so professionally.
Our awkward moments are some of my favorite. And I really don't know if I would survive school without you. Even if we do creep each other out from time to time. Parties are always better when Krizzy's present. And I can't think of a single time in my two years of knowing you where you've had a bad hair day.
Not to mention you share a birthday with my brother!
Hope your 20th was wonderful!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Etching: Today I pulled my first print in Etching. (This is actually a picture of my second attempt). Basically you cover the copper plate in a tar-like substance called gamsol, etch into the tar exposing the copper. You then drop it in acid for various amounts of time to get the different line qualities. This being my first etching, I was actually pretty surprised at how well it came out. But now I have ink all over my hands...

Wheel of Fortune...

Fact: Ceramics may quite possibly be the death of me. Particularly wheel throwing. I want to be good at it, I'd even settle for being halfway decent, but I have a feeling I'm a far ways away from reaching that goal. Oh well, I still have a lot of fun while working on it, and in all actuality find it pretty therapeutic. Not to mention how completely awestruck at how easy my professor makes it look in the demos. Photos: My attempts at making the "perfect cylinder"

Fort Nam...

This weekend was all kinds of crazy. Mostly because of the ridiculous amounts of snow the East coast received. Philly got about 20+ inches... Back home they got over 2 feet. CRAZY! This first picture was taken around 7am. I went to the ceramics studio the night before and ended up sleeping/working there all night, which was fun because I was apprently the only student in Tyler that late. So the security guards and I got to talk a little bit, which is always a nice surprise. This is where most of my Saturday was spent. Since the entire campus was closed, Cait, Corrie, and Alex built a fort in their apartment. We dubbed it "Fort Nam". Movies were watched. Food was eaten. Naps were taken. And countless conversations were had...
Oh Fort Nam... where dreams come true.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nanners and Mangos...

Went to the new Fresh Grocer the other day with Mer, Chrissy, Corrie, and Mary. It is absolutely beautiful! I'm all about having a full grocery store in North Philly!!!
(Naturally I bought Arizona Ice Tea.)
I met up with Dee and Corrie after I got my hair cut.
(Which I am soooo happy with and it feels sooooo good. Not to mention lighter!)
It was my first time getting Master Wok in a longggg time. But it was a special occasion, I love those two.
Now I'm off to the Microfinance meeting with J.Carr that Brianne's holding in the Tech Center!
I'm all about helpin others when I can. And J.C and B-Murph seem super enthused for it...
Which is always really refreshing and gets me feeling optimistic and motivated.
HUZZAHS all around!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today it snowed...
  • I found my second etching plate idea...
  • Learned about Native Americans in Education...
  • And cognitive and developmental behavior in Psych...
  • Now off to lunch with the roomie and Dee.
  • Paint two paintings for Frank's class tomorrow.
  • And potentially hang out in ceramics later tonight?

Happy Birthday Fam.
I hope you get all the pirate paraphernalia your heart desires.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Because You... (#8)

Because you are one of my oldest friends.
And have managed to stay one of my closest. I never have to censor a single story or fact or opinion, because 99% of the time you agree with me. And that 1% that you don't, is usually because you say I'm not giving myself enough credit. You are always there living life to its fullest. In fact it's that spontaneity that I truly admire and try to emulate in my own life. You know you make mistakes, but are the first person to admit that, and learn from them.
You are the only person I know that can rock a ponytail on the top of your head and bright orange and blonde highlights. You would buy a lizard out of nowhere. Know every single Filipino on the East Coast. Share a SYTYCD obsession. Introduce me to a Finish exchange student. Fantasize about living in NYC together. Go on midnight mcflurry runs. And wear rompers.
And even though Tyler and I give you a hard time about going to school in the midwest, know that we really only do it to mask the fact that it means we miss you that much more. On the 24th you celebrated your 20th birthday, and while I look back on the 15 years that we've known each other, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Happy Birthday.

Blast Off!!!

This weekend I...
1)Worked in the ceramics studio for over 6 hours.
2)Reunited with old CASA friends.
3)Spent a day in the city, while it snowed.
4) Visited PhillyAides Thrift for the first time.
5) Caught up with Chelsea. And set plans for Phillagraphicka.
7) Spent time with the beautiful Brianne.
8) Slept a ton.
photo: My coil pot spaceship... unfinished.