Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walk the Plank...

3D Final: Put together and outfit and story. Swap with another member of your class and have them recreate/invent your outfit to match the character in your story. All things must be sewn or hand fabricated and ready to be worn in a fashion show...
Plank: The Most Treacherous Runway Ever...
Dance Party.
Christina and I.
Finally made it to the end. 
And proud to say, even though I was the slowest... I didn't fall.
Dr. Loch Ness.
Boogie Down...
(Photo Credits: Jenni, Corrie, and Courtney.)

Secret Santa!

December Update: Secret Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
So as part of my December the 1300 gang decided to have a secret santa instead of exchanging gifts with everyone this Christmas. We are in a recession you know. And it was beyond successful! The gifts for everyone were sooo good, personable, and really thought out!
I went a little crazy trying to figure out who had me... and in the end I had no clue, but was more than overjoyed to find out it was none other than Miss Caitlin S. Weigel.
Now for some Picture Highlights!
Cait and her spatula...
Corrie and her Snuggie...
Liz and Krizzy...
Core and Alex...
Rudi. (Ugly Sweater.)
Delicious dinner.
Liz wearing my gift...
And then they rested...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Travel Time...

This is a computers assignment. We had to create a "bad music video". I decided to use Owen Pallet's song Many Lives 49MP. I am absolutely in love with this man and his music... sooo good. Anyways, it is stop motion. And I apologize for how shaky everything is... I used two different cameras because of battery mix ups. I like the concept... over the summer I may re-do it and add more polaroids. 

Dinner Date...

Went home this past weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday. Mike and I both have finals all this week, so the weekend was an easier time for us to come out before we are done with the semester...
Got to see Laur's first basketball game. And then went to the diner after with the siblings. Waitress was mad awkward. But really really liked Mike.
My burger.
Dan-O with one of his gifts... 
We tried this new place called LaRosa in Grantville. It was nice, but nothing too noteworthy. Funny thing is it's across the street from Fabios, another restaurant I love that the Zagnits introduced me to.
My meal was the Florentine Gnocchi.
Laur had Ravioli.
Mom had Spinach Linguini.
Dad and Mike had the special: Shrimp and crab scampi. 
But wouldn't let me take a picture of either.
The next day after church we headed to Perkins for breakfast.
Food was sooo good.
Company was even better.

Baked Goods...

Cait, Alex, Jill, and Grace decided to have a cookie day. 
I think it was possibly one of the best ideas they've had all semester...
They baked from morning until night... nonstop.
And I got to eat as many as I wanted from morning until night. Nonstop.
It was glorious.
(I really hope they keep this tradition alive next year!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...

Bridal Shower:
So the always beautiful Tasia decided to get married while in Texas completing some of her nurse training for the army. She is by far one of the bravest people I know. She's also one of the most impulsive... so to be honest, I wasn't actually all that shocked to hear she had gotten hitched without telling anyone!  Over Thanksgiving break, Cait threw her a lovely little bridal shower...
These 4 are seriously some of my favorite people in the entire world... And I think they all look pretty classy if I do say so...
Me. Trying to get in on the action... and blocking out Jr.
We went to the diner afterwards and had a hilarious time.
I could seriously spend hours in this place with them.
(Sarah and I actually went to CVS and talked in the parking lot for a good two hours after this.)
My fork was unusually small... and bent. 
Which everyone found hilarious. (Except me.)
For my bridal shower gift, I decided to bind Tasia a book.
I also drew about 8 or so pictures of her with various friends from pictures I found on Facebook. Here's the page with the drawing of her and I on it.
My goal is for her to use it as a type of journal. She actually heads out to Colorado today with her mom. That's where she'll be living until they send her to Afghanistan in a few months. I want her to record her time over the next couple months in the book, I'm a big believer in the therapeutic benefits of writing your thoughts and feelings down. Whether it be in a journal or on a blog...

Turkey Day...

Updates from Thanksgiving!!!!!! It was wonderful. The Loys came to eat with us, which was a really nice time to catch up. I was still feeling a little woozy/tired from passing out a few days before... but it was a really nice and much needed break from school.
Dr. Dan. Goin to town on the Turkey.
Ann and Dan. Hard at work in the kitchen, doin' what they do...
Trey. Probably being the worst dog ever after this photo was taken.
Cheese from Italy courtesy of the Loys. Seriously, soooo good.
Little sister and the crab dip that Mrs. Lori made. Delicious.
I just realized she has a Hilton apron on. My mother has never worked at the Hilton...
Brother. (I don't know why he can't just take a nice photo.)
The spread. Seriously bangin.