Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Overdue...

Ok-- I'm officially a bad blogger. It has been far too long. And I really don't have an excuse other than every time I go to update my blog my camera is either not charged, at Caitlin and Christine's, or back in Philly.
(So I guess those are excuses... lame ones, but still.)
Anyways; here is what i have been up to!!!!
(In reverse chronological order because blogger uploads photos strangely.)
Caitlin Bought a dress at the Kinetic Sculpture contest and art fair in Kensington!
Greg came to visit!!! And we creepily stalked Eric from "The Tim and Eric Show" for about 45 minutes.
End result: We didn't meet him, but definitely out-creeped our usual selves.
Lizabeast was probably making fun of CW here... most likely.
Laura Jane was also in attendanceeee!
Love this girl. AND she's from the 717!
Almost had to amputate.
It was badd--with two d's.
Luckily a bag of frozen pea's did the trick.
Next up: Thai and Laotian food with Liz, CW, and Chrissy.
The restaurant was beautiful, and very reasonably priced.
Exploring Passyunk.
(Note CW in the window)
This was the first week Chrissy moved into Italian Market.
We walked around to get our bearings and had lunch.
Dinner of champions.
CW made me peas and macaroni with an Arizona Ice tea as thanks for helping her clean the apartment.
And beleive me when I tell you...
It was soooooooo disgusting.
Still don't believe me, click here.
But look at how beautiful it is now!
Such a nice space, except for the no air conditioning.
Oh this night was great.
Cait and Dee made me spaghetti...
I ate it ALLL it was soo good.
And the two of them made extra because they knew I like to eat.
So considerate. Then we got sucked into HBO movies.
Mother's DAY!
Madre and Padre came to visit! Such a good day.
More on that later...
Kitchen slow dances with Dee.
I had a Birthday.
Wonderful friends, cake, and pie.
Alex got free tickets to see an early screening of the film "BABIES" in center city. And she asked me to go with her!
Sooo much fun. Sooo adorable. I want to go to Mongolia.
School ended. And with it, so did Sophomore year.
(This was actually one of our last meals this semester together
and it just so happened to be on my birthday)

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  1. yay! this was long overdue! glorious photo memories james! also: air conditioning is on it's way!