Monday, June 28, 2010


A few weeks ago KB and I got together again in center city to catch up. It just so happened to be the same day as the Philly Pride parade so we watched as tons of people gathered between locust and Penns Landing. It was nice to see so many different types of people out and about in the city. There's just something about being in the presence of a large crowd that are just celebrating life.
Anyways after the parade went by KB and I decided to catch up over some lunch, which is starting to become a pattern with us. But definitely a pattern I enjoy, because it seems like anytime we go out together we find a great new restaurant. This time we ate at Argan Morrocan Cuisine, which is located in the lower level of a building on 17th street. (I actually have to duck to enter.) I had originally heard about it from Christine who said they had a really great variety of vegetarian options, but I ended up getting the lamb which was seriously soooo soooo good. And I need to find out what kind of bread they used. I'd liken it to a cornbread type pita, but even better. And warm. Sooo good. And at $6.50 a sandwich I was pretty pleased!

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