Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alumni Show...

Capital Area School For The Arts.
Harrisburg Gallery Walk.
So Brielle and I attended the CASA visual art alumni reunion a few days ago. Even though I wasn't in visual art, Kagle still let me put a few pieces in the show.
I ended up putting a whole bunch of etchings from this past semester.
I got to catch up with all the teachers (except Smith), some of my former classmates, Mrs. Hoopes (who I LOVE!), and Anne Alsedek said she wants to possibly buy a print or two!
It's pretty exciting to have stuff hanging up. While it hasn't happened a lot to me, I always feel pretty honored when I do. And they will all be hanging up until December, not to mention that there were some other really great pieces hanging too.
I'm a little disappointed with how this one turned out in the picture.
It is sooo much better in person.
And I really enjoy Brielle's painting of Sean too!
I really miss CASA. I always get a good vibe whenever I walk in there.
Everyone's always smiling, giving hugs, and happy to see you.
We need more of that other places.

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