Monday, August 31, 2009

Southern Cookin...

Had lunch at the SAC today... I love that building, but it was soooo packed because we decided to go right at the peak for the lunchtime rush. I ended up getting Pulled pork, mashed potatos, and macaroni at Charleston Market.
And I was accompanied by the ever pleasant Liz, Mercedes, and Corrie.
Also had my first classes today. Art History was kinda boring. Here's the still life I drew in my Drawing Studio.

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  1. Jim, I've just read your entire blog. I hope Joe loves me some day the way you love your Mom, those Emails to her made me weep openly. Shenanigans is a word my Dad used on a consistent basis, did you know that? I loved seeing all the Art work, some really cool stuff. but I'm sure you hear that all the time. I've got to go pay some attention to my kids, I've neglected them for the past few hours and I believe my house is a wreck and they both need baths. Thanks for giving me a break from my own reality. Keep a good thought, my favorite red head. Aunt Lisa