Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What You Chalkin' About, Willis?

Slight change of plans: the mural project in my room has been revamped. I've decided to go in a new direction... no more paint. Paint's expensive. And I'm too indecisive. And besides, who do you think I am--a millionaire?! That's why I've decided to switch over to chalkboard paint. And I went to Michael's and got 10 pieces of chalk for 99 cents! Now that's do-able. 
Honestly, looking back on it I don't know why I didn't realize it sooner. I mean, it's a known fact I can draw about ten times faster than I can paint. And after I start/finish something I always want to do something else. And I am always referring friends to Rockstar Diaries' use/love of chalkboard paint. But I think what really swayed me was the movie, 500 Days of Summer. His bedroom in it was probably one of my favorite parts. And I loved how he drew the header for his bed. And then could just erase it and draw something new! So, after my mom and dad headed off to work, and my sister drove off to Hershey Park, I decided to paint over the mural. I am actually pretty pleased with it. Who knows, maybe I'll bring some to Philly with me.


  1. thought you'd appreciate that.

  2. That stuff is sooo cool. I'm so totally jealous of your room.

    Audrey says that when she's old enough to scribble or draw or anything she wants to draw on your walls.

  3. duuuuuuude! awesommmmme!
    miss you boo.