Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...

Bridal Shower:
So the always beautiful Tasia decided to get married while in Texas completing some of her nurse training for the army. She is by far one of the bravest people I know. She's also one of the most impulsive... so to be honest, I wasn't actually all that shocked to hear she had gotten hitched without telling anyone!  Over Thanksgiving break, Cait threw her a lovely little bridal shower...
These 4 are seriously some of my favorite people in the entire world... And I think they all look pretty classy if I do say so...
Me. Trying to get in on the action... and blocking out Jr.
We went to the diner afterwards and had a hilarious time.
I could seriously spend hours in this place with them.
(Sarah and I actually went to CVS and talked in the parking lot for a good two hours after this.)
My fork was unusually small... and bent. 
Which everyone found hilarious. (Except me.)
For my bridal shower gift, I decided to bind Tasia a book.
I also drew about 8 or so pictures of her with various friends from pictures I found on Facebook. Here's the page with the drawing of her and I on it.
My goal is for her to use it as a type of journal. She actually heads out to Colorado today with her mom. That's where she'll be living until they send her to Afghanistan in a few months. I want her to record her time over the next couple months in the book, I'm a big believer in the therapeutic benefits of writing your thoughts and feelings down. Whether it be in a journal or on a blog...

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  1. You look so handsome in that picture of you and the fork. Aunt Lisa