Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner Date...

Went home this past weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday. Mike and I both have finals all this week, so the weekend was an easier time for us to come out before we are done with the semester...
Got to see Laur's first basketball game. And then went to the diner after with the siblings. Waitress was mad awkward. But really really liked Mike.
My burger.
Dan-O with one of his gifts... 
We tried this new place called LaRosa in Grantville. It was nice, but nothing too noteworthy. Funny thing is it's across the street from Fabios, another restaurant I love that the Zagnits introduced me to.
My meal was the Florentine Gnocchi.
Laur had Ravioli.
Mom had Spinach Linguini.
Dad and Mike had the special: Shrimp and crab scampi. 
But wouldn't let me take a picture of either.
The next day after church we headed to Perkins for breakfast.
Food was sooo good.
Company was even better.

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