Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And So It Begins.... (Again)

First day of classes...

Painting: 2.5 hours. We went over the syllabus, Frank scared the crap out of me with this workload. And then we watched a documentary about cinematography and compositions for an hour and 45 minutes. And while I'm mildly terrified of the amount of out of class work... mainly because I haven't seriously painted since my senior year of high school... I think I need this.

Positives: He's strict, and slightly reminiscent of Helen Bailey, who I loved. I feel as though this will force me into working harder in order to impress him. Also, he covers both oil and acrylic, which thinking about it more is probably a really good thing for me.

Ceramics: 2.5 hours. We went over the syllabus. Took roll. And played a name game. I'm not too sure what to expect from this course, I've never done ceramics before. In fact, until today I had never actually even been in the ceramics studios at Tyler.

Positives: Class was only 15 minutes today. My professor seems super cool. He's a grad student, so I kinda feel like he's going to be a little more open to all kinds of projects.

Tomorrow: Education, Psych, and Etching.

(First education assignment! To decorate a posterboad that depicts the different types of schools you've attended.)


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