Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Temple's New Branch Campus: Zombieland

Today I had my second round of first day of classes. If that even makes any sense? Anyways--Education seems like it'll be alright. My professor is from the Bronx, a "very proud New Yoooorker", and seems like a pretty engaging speaker. As far as content, I kinda feel like a lot of the education classes here are pretty similar and just elaborate on their prerequisets.

Psych with Dee is probably going to be the bain of my existance this semester. Seriously, the only good thing o forsee about this class is not having to suffer through it alone. Dee is wonderful company... even if we do whisper loudly. That and the section about all kinds of mental diseases-- I'm looking forward to that part of the course. More and more I'm itching to get into art therapy... and while I thought I wanted to work primarily with kids, now I'm not so sure. I blame it on shows like Criminal Minds and Bones.

I'm also going to have to adjust to this HUGE lapse of time I have before my next class... Etching. Today I took a 2.5 hour nap and still had an hour to go get lunch... crazy, but could be a good thing come mid-semester when I start to get fewer hours of sleep per night.

Lastly: Etching. I am in love with this class. More specifically I am in love with Dan Dallman. He is soooo cool and the best part is he doesn't even try. This may seem weird, but I can't tell you how refreshing it is to finally see someone who is successful, follows the rules, stays on everyone's good side, holds a high status of power, respect, and work. Plus he's a super nice guy and really dedicated teacher. Today he just whipped up an intaligo print in about 15 minutes as part of our demo. He's doing a very good job selling me on the printmaking department. Add to that the fact that I have two pretty close friends in the class too and I seriously couldn't be happier.

Sidenote: Saw Zombieland at the Reel $2 movie theatre. Reaffrimed a few things: I hate zombies. I hate clowns. I hate gunshots. Scary movies aren't exactly my thing... But I love popcorn. And my friends. And the low low price of $2.

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  1. Good thing Bette Midler was in Zombieland... oh, wait... No, that movie is really jarring. It's funny, but it's also a little disturbing to think about all the violent things I heartily laughed at. What has the media turned me into???