Monday, May 17, 2010

To Do...

I start my first day of summer session in about 3 hours... I wouldn't say I'm exactly thrilled to be taking the class, especially over the summer, but I know I need too. And if nothing else, at least I know I'll be reading this summer... In the meantime, I've decided I need to do some more things for myself, such as:
1) Wake up and attend every single class.
2) Go grocery shopping more often, even if it's just browsing...
3) Make more meals, especially dinners.
4) For god's sake, stop putting off laundry.
5) Return library books.
6) Get lost in the Paley Stacks Art section.
7) Get some guts and ride my bike off campus.
8) Sit in Rittenhouse.
9) Draw more. Especially the city and from observation.
10) Call and check on internship...
11) Find a job/apply to other places.
12) See if I can use the Tyler printmaking studio over the summer.
13) Get lost inside the PMA.
14) Visit Mike and Trey.
15) Find a subletter.


  1. i like these goals. especially biking, drawing in the city, and sitting in rittenhouse. i will help you with those. and we should practice cooking meals at me and caitlin's sweet pad since we have the market right there!

  2. I like your list...I need to make one, a more serious one. I have a summer bucket list with some friends which includes fun things like going to centralia, pa to attempt to eat the largest cheeseburger ever, explore centre county, find the fabled rope swing watering hole and play, among others.

  3. Cross off Rittenhouse!
    You should go again and ride your bike there!