Friday, July 2, 2010

Hoagie Heritage Day...

So yesterday was one of those "only in Philadelphia" days...
Played tennis with Scott.
Had a lot of fun.
Realized how much I miss tennis.
And how out of shape I am.
Then we met up with Tim and Chrissy.
Biked to the PMA for what else...
Wawa Free Hoagie Day!
They gave out over 1300 hoagies that stretched over a mile long to anyone that was willing to wait in line. Being the frugal college students that we are we had no problem passing the time. Especially since we were able to get seconds... There was Wawa Idol, (which was basically Wawa employees competing in an American Idol contest), a Wawa cover band complete with a menagerie of Wawa jingles, a Rocky Balboa lookalike contest, and speech from Mayor Nutter.
To top it all off we waited as night approached and sat on the famous PMA steps and watched Rocky on a giant screen. There's something pretty surreal about seeing the place where you are sitting being displayed on the screen with Sylvester Stalone running on top of it.
Just an ordinary day in the city of brotherly love...


  1. I'm so jealous of this!!! It sounds like so much fun!! Hoagie Heritage Day is definitely something I would enjoy...

  2. oh without question... as soon as I was told about it I immediately thought of you. =]

  3. you should post these pictures and the ones you took with people in them on facebook

  4. who would want to look like sylvester stallone?