Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trippin: Gettin Hitched

Third Stop: Operation Wedding
Next Stop: Back home to Harrisburg
For the final leg of the Road Trip,
my cousin Steve and his beautiful fiance, Steph,
were getting married.
The wedding was held at Saint Anne's
(which coincidentally is where my cousins
on the other side of the family went to grade school).
The ceremony was beautiful
and the reception afterwards was pretty sweet too.
I hadn't seen this side of the family in soooo long.
It was nice to catch up and hear about what everyone was up to.
I couldn't get over how grown up everyone was...
This also happens to be the cousins to which Ellen and I share.
(Even though we aren't technically related at all.)
There was sooo much dancing, including Ellen (crutches and all)!
Below is a video of my youngest cousin Kevin
giving the best man speech.
I love how family comes together to celebrate one another.
p.s.- Hopefully I'll get some better pictures from the ceremony. The two of them are seriously some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I'm so happy for them.

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