Friday, November 6, 2009

Fiesta Time!!!!!!!!

Gotta love Spanish dinner nights! I happened to have two in a row! The first one Brielle made me delicious black beans, peppers, and onions over rice with cheesy bread and ice tea. It was soooooo good. A little spicy, but not overpowering.
Next the 1300 gang was treated to a plantain feast when Mercedes decided she'd cook up the 8 plantains she got at Cousins with me a few days ago. 
Which just so happens to be one of the coolest grocery stores ever! It is mostly hispanic and Muslim based so it has a lot of ingredients that you can't find at other grocery markets. And the prices are great! Almost cheap as free! Plus it is a nice 5 minute walk from my apartment, so I'm pretty sure we'll be frequenting there a lot more in the semester. 

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  1. YUM so good
    I need to go to Cousins sometime. All I eat is foreign food, so that sounds great.