Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tank Man...

For computer class we were asked to write a paper in response to the 2oth anniversary of Tank Man who was part of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Sam then asked us to put a brief summary on our blog... We are centering our next project around the iconic image.
            Twenty years ago a similar incident occurred that would change the way people perceive freedom. Redefining human rights, bravery, and and the idea that all it takes is one voice.  Not to mention that it would all stem from a country where most of the rest of the world would least expect, China. On June 5, 1989 several military tanks would be stopped by a lone man holding two small plastic bags.  The man refused to let military forces enter the square filled with protestors and with it refused to give up. The photos taken of this brief moment in time would stand as a testament to the bravery and impact one person can have. Not to mention the power behind the idea that it can be relived and retold through a singular image. 
Photo 1 taken by: Jeff Widener of the Associated Press.
Photo 2 taken by: Terril Jones also of the Associated Press.

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