Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mamma Mia...

I'd like to say I know you pretty well. 
After all it has been over 19 years. 
So I know that you are at work while I'm typing this, even though I always ask you your schedule at work. 
I know you secretly miss Trey and not so secretly miss Mike and I. 
I know that you are relieved you don't have to wake me up in the morning, but still wonder how I manage to do it myself. 
I love how your cheeks suck in when your angry, 
or how you use to point to our rooms when you were on the phone.
And when I go to take a picture of my artwork, you are always the first person I send it to. 
You are the one I look to for advice. 
The one that calms me down and makes me think levelheadedly. 
The one who convinced me I got my red hair from a strawberry overdose.
and to stop wearing turtlenecks in the summer.
Your smile.
Your laugh.
The way you never once forgot to ask me how my day was...
And 9 times out of 10 you had some sort of baked good waiting for us when we got home from school.
You taught me how to cook...
I miss dancing with you in the kitchen... just because we can.
And no one can even come close to your twice baked potato.
You are filled with so many talents, I'm slightly envious.
And as much as I hate weeding... I know that the garden is beautiful because of how much time and effort you've put into it.
And I secretly love when all my friends tell me how pretty you are and jealous that you aren't their mother.
No--You are my mother. And today is your birthday. And even though I can't be there with you to celebrate, know that I am always thinking of you! I love you and I hope your whole week goes amazingly!!! And when I come home... we are going to dance in the kitchen.
Happy Birthday Mom!!!! 


  1. Thank you Jim, I look forward to our dance. Love and tears of happiness....Mom

  2. that was beautiful jim.