Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Because You.... (#9)

Because you are from New Hampshire,
where you "Live free or die trying."
You are wicked funny. Most of the time without even trying to be. You introduced me to New England. I love how driven you are to become a writer... and how I brag to all my friends that you write for an actual magazine. And how you always dress so professionally.
Our awkward moments are some of my favorite. And I really don't know if I would survive school without you. Even if we do creep each other out from time to time. Parties are always better when Krizzy's present. And I can't think of a single time in my two years of knowing you where you've had a bad hair day.
Not to mention you share a birthday with my brother!
Hope your 20th was wonderful!!!


  1. Thanks Jimmy!!!! I love it and you! I'm so proud that you used wicked correctly. New England is honored and proud to have had you as a guest and hopes you visit often. And as far as the bad hair day... I think that's Jimmy logic haha. Thank you for this and being a wonderful, amazing, talented, caring friend (not to be all hallmark-y)