Friday, February 5, 2010

Nanners and Mangos...

Went to the new Fresh Grocer the other day with Mer, Chrissy, Corrie, and Mary. It is absolutely beautiful! I'm all about having a full grocery store in North Philly!!!
(Naturally I bought Arizona Ice Tea.)
I met up with Dee and Corrie after I got my hair cut.
(Which I am soooo happy with and it feels sooooo good. Not to mention lighter!)
It was my first time getting Master Wok in a longggg time. But it was a special occasion, I love those two.
Now I'm off to the Microfinance meeting with J.Carr that Brianne's holding in the Tech Center!
I'm all about helpin others when I can. And J.C and B-Murph seem super enthused for it...
Which is always really refreshing and gets me feeling optimistic and motivated.
HUZZAHS all around!

1 comment:

  1. Aw that picture did come out nice!
    Baby bananananananannanananananas.
    I think your new haircut looks quite dashing.