Monday, February 8, 2010

Fort Nam...

This weekend was all kinds of crazy. Mostly because of the ridiculous amounts of snow the East coast received. Philly got about 20+ inches... Back home they got over 2 feet. CRAZY! This first picture was taken around 7am. I went to the ceramics studio the night before and ended up sleeping/working there all night, which was fun because I was apprently the only student in Tyler that late. So the security guards and I got to talk a little bit, which is always a nice surprise. This is where most of my Saturday was spent. Since the entire campus was closed, Cait, Corrie, and Alex built a fort in their apartment. We dubbed it "Fort Nam". Movies were watched. Food was eaten. Naps were taken. And countless conversations were had...
Oh Fort Nam... where dreams come true.


  1. no no, dreams come true at the louis j. esposito dining center.