Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Like Pulling Teeth...

Painting Assignment: Create a still life with some sort of alternate meaning.
So for this assignment I decided to tackle a fear I've had ever since 1st grade. My parents own their own dental practice so my siblings and I have basically grown up in that office and have seen teeth and the world of dentistry ever since I can remember. I love the dentist office, I actually find it sort of soothing... as long as I'm not getting my teeth checked. Enter 1st grade when I tripped over a coffee table and broke my jaw; causing me to get oral surgery and have my mouth wired shut. Ever since then I have had this irrational fear of people touching the inside of my mouth. I guess in a way I may be nervous of loosing my voice. My ability to communicate and share my thoughts and ideas. And to me the very concept of being able to take something like that away from a person is terrifying to me. Hence the teeth: Representing a constant pull in my life between comfort and anxiety.
Oil and Acrylic.
Masonite. 24''x24''.
(The 1st two images are close ups. This was my first actual attempt at oil...)

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