Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Recap #2...

Recap #2!!!
Trip to Pittsburgh with Sarah and Aaron!
(sorry I slept some of it Sar.)
1st stop: Permanti Brothers!
Pastrami: Soooo delicious.
Sarah and Arron both got "The Pittsburgher"
2nd Stop: Copeland Concert!!!!
so so so so good!
3rd Stop: South Side. To visit with Ty-Jack, Derek, Neil, Sam, and Carrie.
South Side reminds me a lot of South Street in Philly.
Bookstore we said Liz Til will one day own.
4th Stop: I explored the city and drew a little while Tyler was at work.
This city has such a beautiful skyline.
5th Stop: Photo Shoot walk with Marcus and Tyler!
Seriously, the buildings were prettier than Philly's.
Tyler's photo on exhibit.
I'm so proud of him that I made him pose in front of it.
6th Stop: Lunch and people-watching.
Why did I think Einstein Bagels was just in the SAC at Temple?
(p.s.- This one was sooo much nicer than the one in the SAC.)
7th Stop: Back to Harrisburg, where I was on dog-sitting duty.
Mom and Dad saved me some salmon
(my third time having it in the week, I LOVE salmon)
and I learned how to cook it on the grill.

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  1. I always get the Pastrami and fried Egg at Primantis. It'ls like the eigth wonder of the world when your buzzin. Add a little hot Sauce and some Iron City and there is nothing finer. Aunt Lisa