Sunday, March 7, 2010

Before Break...

Had lunch with Liz and Corrie. And Don.
Awkwardness ensued.
Then Liz and I ran into J. Carr outside Club Tech.
Heated debates were had.
Then I made my way over to Tyler.
Where I ran into Sarah Dixon and Brielle.
They were both ready for break...
Then I headed into the printmaking studio
to pull some proofs of my woodcut.
They were out of black so I used this kinda nasty blue.
Which in retrospect I probably shouldn't have used because it was
really dray and sticky. And was sooooooooo hard to clean up.
(As far as the prints go... it was my first attempt at a woodcut.
I'm not 100% happy with it, but i LOVE this type of printing process.)
Then I threw some vessels in the ceramics studio.
I think if nothing else comes out of this class,
I am beyond happy that I have learned how to throw pottery.
It's something I find really relaxing and until I tried it,
really had no previous desire to attempt it.
Then after dinner with Dee, Corrie, Alex, and Josh
I headed over to the library to do some research...
I swear Miss Gibson was a librarian in her past life.
I have never seen anyone find books as fast as she can.

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