Sunday, April 25, 2010


In the Studio...
Tonight I was in the studio working on some color prints that utilized stencil work. Here are a few of the variations I ran...
I used anywhere from 3-7 colors in these prints. And started by creating a stencil for each area out of mylar.
The majority of colors were run through the press individually and placed on the drying rack where they dried before I could print the next color. It took longer than I had expected.
These pictures don't really do it justice... (the colors are darkened/weird on here) but I think I may have gotten my scanner to work now. So hopefully I'll be able to scan prints from now on.
Luckily I have Natalie to keep me sane while I'm printing. I am beyond excited she's going to be in Rome at the same time as me!!!
And this is Nat's beautiful Peacock monoprint. She used etching inks mixed with linseed oil to paint on the plate and then run it through the press.

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