Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Week...

So last Saturday was National Passport Day. Meaning that post offices around the country were making it easier to apply for your passport. Seeing as how I have never been outside the country, and upon the recent mind boggling news about study abroad, I was in need of said identification. So I headed back to the lovely 717 where I had a really relaxing and fun weekend.
Laur and Ash picked me up from the train station with Trey in tow and we headed over to Wildwood to catch up and get Trey to blow off some of his energy.
I made them pose next to flowers just like my mom used to makes us do when we were younger. Looking back on it, a lot of my childhood was spent walking the trails and boardwalks of this park.
After getting my passport, Laur and I headed into town to see a sculpture that had been accepted into the Susquehanna Art Museum's Central PA H.S. show.
I am beyond proud of my little sister. I couldn't believe how nonchalantly she mentioned it to me at home... I made sure to tell her a thousand times how much of a big deal it was. And how I never got to show anything there when I was in H.S. And then after we headed over to Neato to split a burrito and celebrate. We got the Cowboy Crunch and Laur was way more impressed with the food this time around that she said she could finally see what I've been talking about all this time...
I took Laur into Midtown to explore and see if we could find Chickey's new gallery. We couldn't, but ran into Mr. Smith in the newly renovated and absolutely beautiful bookstore/cafe: Midtown Scholar. Seriously, Laur and I were talking about it, and if we ever decided to open up a store together this would be it.
Mr Smith and Moviate were hosting a concert there later that night and told us to check it out, which we did and it was soooo sweet. The main band had actually opened up for Sigur Rosa few times before. And we ran into Val and Chickey, who showed us the new space forMANTIS, which is actually next door to the bookstore.
Other activities included:
Dinner in Hummelstown.
Jimmy Buffet family Sing-a-longs in the car.
The Dreaded Girl Scout Mass.
Spontaneously sitting next to Terry on the train back to Philly.

Poster design courtesy Moviate and Tara Chickey.

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