Sunday, April 4, 2010


So we had a class crit on the 6 portraits we were to do for painting class. I'm still not sure as to how my paintings were perceived, because out of the entire class mine weren't really discussed. I guess I'm a little frustrated with that because while they seem like rather straightforward paintings, they each actually have a pretty particular reason as to why I chose them. Frank's going to talk with us individually on Tuesday though, so hopefully that yields better results.
My particular series focused on perceptions and how what you see isn't always necessarily what you get. I related them all back to me directly in terms of what society dictates as the social "norm" and how I and most people I know don't actually fit into these unachievable molds; as well as made sure they were all Pennsylvanians.
Celebrity: Bill Cosby
-Challenging the idea of Bill as the archetype for American fathers and a success story,
but downplaying the recent scandals about cheating and sexism.
Seduction: Pink
-Challenging the societal view that women are seductive and can increase that seduction by showing cleavage, despite the fact that I (and many others) have no attraction whatsoever to this archetype.
Stranger: Calley
-Challenging the idea that while Calley and I share the same last name we are not, at least to either of our knowledge, related at all. I also wanted to explore the idea that you could have an entire relationship over the internet with someone without ever actually meeting them in public.
Familiar: Lauren
-I chose my sister to represent the idea of a unconditional love relationship. We often fight and disagree, but when push comes to shove, she probably knows more about me than any other person in my life.
Critical Comment: Self Portrait
-This is a critical comment on society's perception of me as an individual. I am a firm believer that a person is made up of a multitude of different attributes that contribute to their identity, but society is constantly defining people by one aspect of their life.
All works are Acrylic on paper.

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