Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Hell No you don't know nothing 'bout no pita pit!"

So I'm finally getting some free time in which I can catch up on my blogging. And what better adventure to start with than the epic saga that was my weekend. Caitlin and I decided to travel to IUP and Pittsburgh to visit our friends. Now this is a big deal for me, because my classes are pretty strict. And by strict I mean, attendance is pretty much mandatory. So when I got the opportunity to go... I ran with it! And, even though at times I may have questioned whether it was the right choice or not, I'm soo soo soooo happy I went. 
This is me. In the waiting room in Bedford. Where Caitlin's car was towed. Because it broke down on the turnpike..... 
(and the omans that we should turn back begin!)
IUP was beautiful. It was my first time there and pretty much exemplified what I feel the All-American college campus should look like. Liz and Sarah's room was HUGE!  And I missed them SOOO MUCH!  I finally got to meet Neil and Greg, who are hilarious! I want them to come visit us in Philly! We also went to a flea market. It was like a labyrinth with all kinds of mini corridors and extra rooms. I managed to pick up this sweet ceramic owl statue. They are completely gold with blue eyes! I was pretty excited about it.
Caitlin, Liz, and Sarah had this weird fascination with wigs this weekend. I think in total, 3 or 4 were purchased and 3 were brought from Caitlin's personal stash in Philly. My favorite: Liz's Beyonce wig she bought at Halloween USA on our way to Pitt. 
Eric's house is absolutely beautiful!!!!! And massive. And has the coolest little bathroom under the stairs ever! I pretty much love all the old houses in Pittsburgh. I've become really fascinated with architecture recently. When we went to pick Keiran up in NJ on our way to visit Christine I basically freaked out over every other house. They are all just so beautiful!
Meeting up with Tyler was another huge highlight. 
1) I got to see my best friend. 
2) I got to see Truc. 
3) They both surprised me and had Britney show up! 
4) I met a lot of Tyler's friends. And I was pretty blown away by how outgoing and friendly they all were. 
and 5) He took me on a mini tour of Point Park. I LOVE TOURS! I don't know what it is... I just love them. It's becoming an obsession. I'll give them or take them, doesn't matter I'm happy either way.
(p.s.-Tyler has quite possibly the best dorm view in the history of dorm views. He is overlooking the river, bridge, incline, and Mount Washington. And at night... it lights up. My view: A football field.)
I am so glad I went. I'm glad Cait and I traveled together, I don't know if I could have handled all the excitement otherwise. I want to go back soo bad already!
(Multiple photos on this post were taken by Caitlin, because I forgot to charge my camera's battery. Thank you Cait.)

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