Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Can't Believe...

I can't believe it's here. Your birthday. Your 18th no less. 
I can't believe how far you've come. How proud you have made me.
The things you've accomplished. 
The surprises you've presented and the obstacles you've overcome.
I can't believe it... but here we are, 18.
I can't believe I'm in college.
And in a year you will be too.
I can't believe you know how to drive stick.
Or that you don't need me to take you places anymore.
I can't believe we aren't making giant card castles in the family room.
Or playing flashlight tag in the backyard.
I miss the stuffed animal fights with Mike.
And the late night runs to McDonalds he'd take us on.
I miss just coming home and making you a snack.
Then dinner.
I miss watching tv with you. Even though we didn't always agree.
I can't believe how much stuff we've done...
But I can't wait to be there for all the things you have yet to do.
To accomplish.
Because you will. 
Because you're Lauren. Loo. Laurrr. MooMoo. Warhead. Lou-ser. Lauzenger. Little Lauren. Sister Golden Hair.
And no matter what we call you... you will forever and always be my little sister. My best friend. 
Love you. And...
Happy Birthday!
(Black and white photos taken by Lauren's best friend Rachael Miller. Baby Picture taken by the 'Rents.)

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  1. OH Geez, I'm gonna cry. Aunt Lisa