Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Order's Up!!!!!

So this post is dedicated to the delicious food of Philadelphia... 
(most of which we bought and made this weekend, but I'm determined as the year goes on to buy more food from all around the city and make delicious meals for our pot lucks.)
Ok-- I didn't make this meal. The reason this meal is so appealing and memorable is because there were absolutely no lines at J&H due to the football game. And I wouldn't expect you to think anything of it, except that I can sometimes wait up to 20-30 minutes in line for a meal. I was so excited. I got fourths. (yes...4ths.)
This is a picture of Sam blowing out his birthday cake on Sunday. He turned 20 and had a wonderful cookout. His parents had a barbeque and carrot cake. It was my first time in Fish town and we got lost, but more about that later.
I like eating at J&H with a lot of people. I enjoy the multiple conversations occurring at once. 
It makes me less anxious...
And I always try to get different colored plates. 
Kind of a personal game I play...
We had another pot luck tonight.
Groceries were purchased at various stores around Phila, 
including but not limited to: Fresh Grocer, Whole Foods, Reading Terminal Market, 7-11, and the Italian Market.
Lastly... Dee made me grilled cheese at midnight because I was still up doing sketchbooks.
We talked about school. And our weekends.
It made me miss my mom.

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