Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holy Moses...

Here are some photo's from my Rome sketchbook class yesterday morning.
We met in front of San Pietro in Vincoli which meant we had to take the metro from Cipro to Termini; get the free interchange, switch to the B Line, and ride it one stop to Cavour. I think I'm sort of starting to get a hang of the metro here. And the ride from the residence (Cipro) to school (Flamino) is pretty nice whenever it rains or I'm running late.
Anyways, once at San Pietro, we went in and drew from Michaelangelo's depiction of Moses, which is sculpted out of marble. It is this massive sculpture located to the right of the altar and roped off with the red velvet ropes you typically associate with movie theaters and movie premiers.
The statue is pretty breathtaking. And I think I'm getting more used to people coming up and randomly taking my photo while drawing (without asking)... or at least as used to it as I'm going to get.

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