Sunday, September 12, 2010


So last Sunday we were fortunate enough to visit the town of Todi, located in the region of Umbria. It has been a longstanding tradition at Temple Rome to visit and explore the town in the morning and attend a wedding style Italian feast in the afternoon. First of all, Todi is absolutely beautiful. It is a tiny medieval town located on top of this tiny hill that overlooks miles and miles of farmland. We saw fields of wheat, watermelon, and ironically enough sunflowers; which are harvested and used to create oil. I kept thinking about my mom anytime we’d pass an acre or two of huge yellow and black fields of flowers. There are also tons of sheep, goats, and horses freely grazing throughout the region. We went into a few churches which are filled with beautiful pieces of art. And in the one we walked in to find an orchestra and opera singer practicing for Sunday’s mass. I just sat in the pew for half an hour and listened. The churches here are mind blowing. I could have sat in that church for hours just listening and looking around.
Walking through Todi.
2nd church in Todi.
This was one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.
It was also the one with the orchestra.
View from the courtyard.
View from the courtyard.
Coady outside in the courtyard.
Alex and Laura!
View from the second floor dining room.
Then the afternoon came and it was beyond describable. Sooooo many courses, so little time in between courses! Soooo wonderful! Everything was served with fizzy mineral water and white, red, and sweet desert wine that are all grown and made right on the property. I slept the whole way home.
First Course were these apertif's that I didn't get a picture of... but out in the courtyard they had blood orange juice (so good) and a variety of small finger-sized pizza's! Sooooo delicious.
2nd course: I'm not entirely sure what each type os meat there were...
But I think it was salami, ham, and wild boar.
3rd course: Cheese Pastry.
4th course: Risotto.
5th course: Wild Boar and pasta.
(My favorite.)
6th course: Venison.
(Way more appetizing than my picture leads you to believe.)
7th and 8th course: Potatoes. Chicken.
9th course: Salad.
10th course: Tiramisu
(My second favorite.)
11th and 12th course: Sweet Desert wine. Biscotti. Fruit.
13th course: Esspresso.

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