Sunday, September 26, 2010

Overfriendly Faun...

Drawing Assignment: Reinterpret/get inspired by a piece of Italian art.
I chose the Barberini Faun, Caravaggio's "Seven Acts of Mercy", and I think I'm going to add some cherubs from a few prints by Ribera.
Here are some in progress shots so far. I started on the ground because the size is pretty huge, but eventually put it on the wall so that I could work out the perspective. I think it's probably close to 9ft tall. I've been talking to my professor about how I feel like I need to break out of the "completing assignments" role I've gotten into the past couple of semesters, and start actually making art I'm proud of. She suggested I try and get a little more complex in my compositions... I have a lot of work left on it. And crit tomorrow night... wish me luck. Any suggestions?!!!

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