Monday, June 1, 2009

Feature Presentation...

So today was pretty non-stop. In fact I actually just got home. It's like I never left college after all... but more about that later. This morning I went to church, came back and checked my e-mail to find out I had been featured HERE!!!! by the Gypsy Feet. If you haven't checked out their blog do it. It's a really clever project and concept. And all of their posts are incredibly interesting.  
After telling my mom I had been featured (because I felt I needed to share it with at least one person and seeing as how I kinda created this blog with her in mind I thought she'd be an obvious choice) I went outside and helped her weed in the backyard. For the record I hate weeding. I downright despise it. Loath it. Wouldn't wish it on even my worst enemies... but I love my mother. And our deep conversations. So i gave up an hour of my time, burned my neck fire truck red, and had a spider bite my leg because I enjoy her company. Played tennis with dad. So windy. A lot of fun. Hadn't served in 8 months... that wasn't that fun. Went over to Kim's to have Tyler, Kim, and Liz cook me fettucini alfredo and cake. It was legit. But I'm not gonna lie I was skeptical because Kim was cooking, and thinking back on it--I have no recollection whatsoever of Kim ever cooking or hinting that she would like to try to cook before.  We watched My Bloody Valentine and I screamed like a little girl. I am terrified of horror movies.  Side Note: The 3-D glasses definitely weren't worth the 16 cents we paid for them.  Kim proceeded to laugh the entire movie.  I drove home alone... at 1:45 in the morning. I almost peed my pants... seriously I think I have a condition.  Now off to bed, where I'll probably have some creepy murder valentine related dream, wake up, and end up eating whatever we have in our fridge because I can't sleep. Life is good. 

Photo of Tyler, Anna, Me, and Caitlin's somewhere in there. Courtesy Caitlin.

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