Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh I Just Can't Wait to be King...

So my mom woke me up this morning by calling my cell phone and asking me to come down stairs and give her a hand with something. I groggily made it from my bed to the kitchen table within a few minutes to discover she had planned for us to make these Lion themes cupcakes for a party my sister was attending.
I actually had a lot of fun with the icing nose, mouth, and whiskers. But the lo-mein noodle manes were a little tedious.  We were pretty happy with how they turned out! 


  1. Ahh what cool cupcakes!! I'm totally trying to eat one...or five.

    I enjoy reading your blog too, Jimmy! Butttt it makes me miss seeing your smiling face even more (which I will get to see when we hang soon!).

  2. oh jen... i miss you soooo much. I can't wait till lunch!