Monday, June 29, 2009

Pound For Pound...

Laur and I just finished watching Seven Pounds on demand. It was actually the first On Demand Movie I have ever ordered. But luckily Laur's a pro at it. We actually intended on watching the 5th Harry Potter movie while making a late night run to McDonalds, but it wasn't at Red box or On Demand. 
Anyways... Seven Pounds-- Sooo good. Sooo motivating. Sooo sad. Seriously... I am not afraid to admit it, I cry like a baby at movies. 
I get it from my mom.
I think I just really liked the moral when all was said and done: In a society that seems to forget about the good guy, finally comes someone who recognizes them for their contributions and rewarded without asking. Soo good. I also love spending time with Laur... even if it's 3 am movies.

Picture of Lauren and I on the swing set outside our old house... circa '92-'93


  1. haha- i like that you put 'fifth harry potter movie' in italics when that is definitely not the title. oh james. next time we get together, we can watch west side story.