Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Food Frenzy!!!

So the McDonalds on Rt. 22 has a new night manager and he is possibly my new favorite person in Central Pennsylvania.  A few nights ago Laur, Rachel, and I were given a free mcflurry because they "accidentally" made us an extra one. Another time Laur and I were given larger servings of fries than what we had paid for. And what makes me realize it is actually the new manager and not just a bunch of coincidences was that tonight, after Kim and I watch Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List and Discovery Health Medical Mysteries, we went to McDonalds and were given not only larger fry servings, but also free milkshakes. FREE!!!! I felt like we had just hit the Jackpot! Won the lottery! Were just awarded one of those over-sized checks worth ridiculous amounts of prize money! Only it was better... because he gave us not only one, but two! One for each of us. Kim screamed like a little kid in a candy store. So if you ever find yourself on Rt. 22 around 1 am... head on over to McDonalds and who knows maybe you'll be lucky and get $8 worth of food for the price of 2!?!

Pictures of Ash and me. Laur and Rach. At McDonalds a few days ago...