Sunday, June 14, 2009

Center of Attention...

Reasons Why I Love Temple:
Reason #54584: The SAC

Why: The Student Activities Center is one of my favorite buildings on the beautiful campus that is Temple University.  In fact it is tied for first place with the Tyler building. It is closely followed by Ritter Hall, the education school, on my list of favorite Temple buildings.  The SAC, as it is referred to, is absolutely amazing. No matter what I'm doing or where I am on campus, as soon as I pass the SAC I am captivated by the architecture. It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. And is a wonderful example of new age design meeting traditional stylings. It is huge, housing a food court style cafeteria, a game room, our bookstore, a bank, a travel agency, numerous breakout rooms, help desk, post office, music practice rooms, orientation/large group rooms, classrooms, a performance stage, and a movie theater in the basement! Tell me that's not impressive. I love that everyone is allowed to use this building too... not to mention the numerous events and parties that are hosted there... for FREE! 

Picture is a drawing assignment from last semester. We had to draw architectural elements. 

Drawing Story: I spent all night outside in the cold drawing this magnificent building. When the morning came a food truck parked right in front of me... the security guard that had watched me drawing all night came outside and made the man move his truck so that I could finish... even more reason why I love Temple.


  1. Jimmy, I love this picture! And that is adorable that the security guard did that for you!

  2. it's summer.
    it's time for sandals and grass.