Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sing Us a Song You're the Piano Man...

Reasons Why I Love Temple: 
Reason 236: Impromptu piano rehearsals in room 324. 
Towards the end of second semester Cait had been playing an amazing "Hedwig's Theme" from her Harry Potter Songs for Beginners book.

side note: both my mom and sister were apparently talking and wondering if I was alright recently. The reason for their concern: They had been checking my blog and I hadn't been blogging as readily as I have in the past. 


  1. i don't actually want to post a comment.
    i just want to check and see if i have epilepsy.

  2. that was low... and uncalled for. You have just been stripped from the reasons why I love temple.

    Things I dislike about Temple:

    Thing #1: Caitlin trying to put me down, which also creates negativity. There should never be negativity at Temple.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I really did want to leave a post..but now I'm just concerned that you have epilepsy/ are fighting with Caitlin.

    I too love a good Piano rehearsal.

  4. i really love your reasons why you love temple! post more hahaha

  5. ok! more reasons why i love temple coming up!!!!