Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Caste System...

You may remember my post a few weeks ago about making a packaging tape mold of Keiran. Well here is the lone picture I managed to get of the finished project. It is a response project to a famous sculpture. (My artist was Tom Friedman.) And it's actually not even the finished project... 
See the middle body is filled with leaves and actually tumbled over spilling out the leaves. I liked it so much I left it for the critic, which my classmates really enjoyed. It was moved into sculpture bay for safekeeping due to the Wolgin Arts Prize dinner banquet. Apparently they needed to put trash cans there... yeah, I know. Anyways, I was pretty happy with it. And 3D is actually starting to become my favorite class this semester due to a combination of things; Jude, my classmates, and interesting projects. I really feel like I'm challenging myself, which is refreshing.
Materials: Packaging tape. Leaves. Cinder Block. Wood/Dowel Rods. Rubber bands. 

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  1. looks awesome jim!
    cant wait to see all these projects in person.
    miss you tons!
    love you!!