Friday, October 30, 2009

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Then Get Out of the Kitchen!
3D Assignment Review: Talent Show
-So on Wednesday my 3D class and I put on a talent show! Each of my classmates had a 5 minute spot to fill with some sort of talent. We had a range of demonstrations from caricature drawing, to book binding, and even smore making. We had a few people play musical instruments and others telling stories or reciting poetry. For my project, I decided to host a cooking show. "5 Minute Meals" consisted of me making a strawberry, banana, pineapple smoothie and chocolate chip cookies. 
I built my set out of cardboard-- complete with sink and oversized cardboard blender. I tried to tie together people's love of humor and food and actually improvised the entire performance! But luckily everyone really seemed to enjoy it. So much so that we may expand the kitchen and turn it into another project where the entire class films their own "dorm cooking" segments and puts them on youtube!!! I also got some really nice compliments from Jude after class... and I'm pretty sure I want to take another sculpture class at some point. So glad this week's over though. Now i can relax for a day or two. (Gotta love no classes on Fridays.)
Photos are of Corrie, Kelsey, Cait, and Brianne who came to help me build the island on Tuesday night. 

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