Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Now I know How Noah Felt..."

That's what my mother said in response to the torrential downpour that plagued Philly today. Gotta love her. 
Tonight was a good night, despite managing to somehow get absolutely no homework accomplished.  Mom, Dad, and Mike came down to visit. Mom and Dad dropped off my bike and some much appreciated goodies. We then headed over to Manyunk where we had dinner at this really nice restaraunt that I can't seem to remember the name to. Mike and mom had the salmon stuffed with crab meat. Dad had steak. And I had seafood verdi. Soooo good. But even better was just being with my family. I missed them a lot. 
I even got to see Mike's new house and play with TREY!!!!! He is getting soooooo big!
Now off to bed so I can hopefully get up early tomorrow.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA. Get up early tomorrow....early in the evening?