Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I was thinking how much I miss our trip to Knobels last summer right before we headed off to school.  It was a nice little mixture of my larger group of friends.  I really do miss all the 717-ers and their crazy shenanigans.   I especially miss Ally... who I became closer with this past summer through Ellen and Sarah.  Ally seems to know exactly when I need some positivity in my life and sends it in the form of e-mail, texts, or facebook.  For that, I am forever grateful.  This summer hopefully we'll go back to Knobels... the same group + those that couldn't make it last time; and we'll all have a wonderful time riding all the old time rides and paying with tickets! And eating all kinds of crazy foods, like pickle-on-a-stick and chicken fries! It's like I can almost feel my arteries clogging already! 

Photo of Ally and I: Riding partners. =]


  1. you sleep far too much. fact. you just fell asleep for about two hours on brianne's bed. you missed joan of arcadia!

    "oh the pot is a'stirring"- direct quote from you. you should really wait a while before talking after you wake up.

    knobels x infinity this summer. i love that place.

  2. thats not even mildly embarrassing for me... blurred speech has become a way of life as far as college and I are concerned. As has stress..... oy gahvelt.....