Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Order Of The Pheonix

A list of things I've done today (last night):
1) Finish day 5 of work week: check
2) Drove to Caitlin's at 10:30 pm to obtain the 5th HP movie and watch it with laur
3) Was devastated when I showed up to find Caitlin couldn't find HP...
4) Laur and I called 5 different friends, asking if they had the movie and wouldn't mind lending it to us at 10: 45 pm
5) Sheetz run. Arizona Ice Tea and Microwave popcorn. To calm the nerves.
6) We drive to fishing creek and pick up Emily. She has all 5 of the hp dvds in her collectors special edition set...
7) We pop two bags of popcorn. I inhale 1 1/2 bags.
8) Lauren makes us smoothies in our brand new magic bullet. smoothies are amazing. bullet is a god send. I may need to invest in one for college life.
9) We watch the movie... Glorious!
10) I take emily home. We hear an owl hooting outside. We see a shooting star. The clouds are swirling. The spirit of Harry Potter lives on in the 717...

in other news:
I'm still deciding on what my costume for the new HP movie should be...

Potentials include but are in no means limited to:
-Colin Creevey
-Gilderoy Lockhart

Any suggestions are more than welcome!!!!

In discussing HP further tonight... Emily and I have discovered I would probably be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw... I would be good at Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration, and if I could have any magical/mythical creature it would be a Hypogriff. With a magical Owl that can deliver my mail a close second.

Realizing I'm still living my imagination through the eyes of an 11 year old: priceless.

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