Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Director's Cut...

"I'm ready for my close up!!!!!!"
So my friend Max (from Temple and CASA) asked me to make him a giant mural sized poster for a film he is shooting this summer. The film, The Backlot, chronicles the lives of four kids as they grow up.  The poster is of four famous directors that the main character ends up worshiping and idolizing.  Unfortunately I only really know that the second one from the left is Hitchcock. (Mr. Smith would be so disappointed in me.) Anyways... the drawing is about 3ft tall x 8ft long and is a combination of charcoal, conte, and a charcoal wash on brown craft paper.
Photo taking props go to my lovely sister, Lauren.


  1. GORGEOUS! Who are the other directors? I don't know what any directors look like. I think Kubrick was bald.

  2. niiiiice job, james! that's amazing! your friend is so stoked!