Thursday, July 16, 2009

HP and the Half-Blood Prince...

So a few close friends and I attended the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night. And by a few... I mean over 20. And by attended I mean we all dressed up as various HP characters.  Tyler went as Scabbers and I was Crookshanks. All I did was paint my shirt, make each of us a set of ears and tails, out of construction paper, and drew on some whiskers... but for the record-- I really liked the tails. A lot. 
Liz went as the Phoenix. And was beautiful as always...
High Point: Kim went as a patronus, complete with old Swan Lake dance costume, white eyeshadow, and Jessica Simpson body butter... only to find out there wasn't a patronus used in the movie. 
Low point: Being mistaken as the phoenix... by three different people. 
(Clearly not true HP fans)
After the movie we went to the Barry's house to eat and talk HP... I actually didn't mind the movie as a whole. In fact I actually thought visually speaking this by far surpasses the others. I think that because it's been so long since I read the books that I didn't remember every little detail... but my friends were definitely disappointed. I had to agree with the fact that I really wasn't a huge fan of the sexual tension in this movie though. It just didn't seem like authentic HP to me... Eventually I became too tired to keep up with my friends and passed out on the couch next to Bailey. (Story of my life.)

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