Monday, July 13, 2009

Shaving Time...

Reasons Why I Love Temple:

I think the fact that this picture was taken less than a week after I had arrived at Temple is a testament to the good times I had over the first year. Not to mention the amazing friendships that developed alongside the craziness that is our lives at Temple University. In this picture Mercedes and I decided to have a shaving cream fight in her dorm room... having known each other for about a week. I won... clearly.


  1. That was a hilarious evening. I cannot wait for more wacky and ridiculous things to ensue.

  2. james! you are adorable! i am in LOVE with your mcflurry tradition with your sister. what an incredible brother you are! and crookshanks?? you're gonna be crookshanks? you're so cool.

    p.s. shaving cream fights = a good idea every time