Friday, July 3, 2009

Mural Madness...

So it took my mom a good 17 years of convincing before she let me paint my walls... and to this day, two years later, I'm still not even sure she's really convinced. After all I did kind of just haphazardly start painting... I didn't really think my designs through... which is why after having this unfinished mural on my wall for almost a year and a half I have decided to paint over it. I've kind of decided to make it a summer project. To help me keep up with my art for school... So from time to time I'll upload a new photo of the progress I've made on my wall. And this time... I'm thinking it out first.
This was my first attempt...  
I was going for my dreams breaking out from behind the wall.
Last night I decided to try again.... but left some of the bricks.

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